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2019 NFL Predictions

Patriots won the Super Bowl...........again, last year. Stop me if you have heard that before. It’s gotten to the point that predicting the Patriots NOT to win is the riskier bet. I have already given my bold predictions, so here is my attempt at making more sensible, non-fantasy related predictions for the 2019 NFL season.


Division Winners

EastDallas Cowboys – Zeke is back, the studs on the defense are paid, and the starting offensive line is all locked through at least 2022. Despite was Jerry says, Dallas goes as Zeke goes, and he will carry them to back-to-back division titles.

NorthMinnesota Vikings – The Vikings defense, whose suffered several injuries last year, is healthy, Kirk Cousins is in his second year as the starter, and Dalvin is 18 months removed from his ACL tear. I expect regression from the Bears, and I expect the Vikings to take full advantage.

SouthNew Orleans Saints – Revenge mode is in full effect in Louisiana. They even got a new rule put in to effect as a result of the refs’ playoff debacle last year. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Saints push for 16-0 and Drew Brees gets his first MVP this season off the strength.

WestLos Angeles Rams – The Super bowl losers have a bad track record is struggling the following year, but I believe the Rams are talented enough on both sides of the ball to overcome that. I’m not falling for the “Gurley will never be the same” narrative that’s being pushed. Eric Weddle will keep that defense elite, and they will cruise to a 3rd straight division title.

Wild CardAtlanta Falcons & Philadelphia Eagles


Division Winners

EastNew England Patriots – Three things are guaranteed in life: death, taxes, and Tom Brady winning a division title. The other teams in the division are prepping for life Post-Tome Brady, but until that day comes, they are only fighting for second place.

NorthPittsburgh Steelers – I believe in Mike Tomlin. It’s as simple as that. The loss of two Hall of Fame caliber players won’t be easy to overcome, but I feel like the Steelers will embrace the underdog role, with everyone under the sun picking the Browns to over this division. Mike Tomlin has never had a losing in his career, and this won’t be the year that streak is broken.

SouthHouston Texans – Prior to the Tunsil signing, I was on board with the Jaguars winning this division. Now that the Texans have sewn up their biggest weakness, along with Andrew Luck calling it quits, I expect them to allow Deshaun Watson to flourish and cruise to a division title in a subpar division.

WestKansas City Chiefs – No surprise here. Pat Mahomes and Andy Reid are a match made in heaven. The rest of the teams in the division all seem to be going through drama while the Chiefs got the best news possible with no suspension for Tyreek Hill.

Wild Card - Jacksonville Jaguars & Cleveland Browns

Super Bowl:

Dallas Cowboys over New England Patriots 31-27

I rarely display homerism when it comes to sports, but here is it. Zeke wins the rushing title for the 3rd time in 4 years, runs for 2,000 yards and carries Dallas to Miami for a regular season rematch vs the New England Brady’s. Zeke pulls of the what Emmitt Smith pulled off in 1993, winning League MVP, Rushing Title, Superbowl Champion, and Super Bowl MVP. Yeah, I said it!

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