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Fantasy BOLD Predictions – 2022 Edition - RECAP

We all know Fantasy Football is a wild and crazy game, so let’s embrace the chaos. Here is my recap of the 32 BOLD Predictions for the 2022 Fantasy Football season!

Dallas – Dalton Schultz finishes as a top 3 TE in Full PPR. - He finished top 10. Not too shabby.

Philadelphia – Devonta Smith outscores A.J. Brown in .5 PPR. - Devonta finished WR9 in .5 PPR, while AJ was WR5. Another close one.

Washington – Antonio Gibson will finish as a top 12 RB in PPG. - Ended the year as RB27 in Full PPR. He will be on a new team in 2023.

NY Giants – Saquon Barkley will finish with 1,000 rushing and 1,000 Receiving yards. - 1,312 rushing yards, but only 338 receiving yards. Still a great year for Saquon.

Atlanta – Marcus Mariota will finish as a top 15 QB in points per game. - Finished as QB19 in PPG with 15.1, only 1.6 out of the top 15.

Carolina – D.J. Moore will finish as a top 5 WR in full PPR. - Started slow but turned up late to finish as WR23.

New Orleans – Jameis Winston will finish as a top 10 QB. - Only played 3 games. #FreeJameis

Tampa Bay – Russell Gage will outscore Chris Godwin in .5 PPR. - Russell Gage finished outside of the top 50. Yikes!

Green Bay – Sammy Watkins will outscore Allen Lazard in total points. - Sammy Watkins didn't even finish the year on the Packers. Total bust.

Detroit – Jamaal Williams will outscore D’Andre Swift in .5 PPR. - Jamaal WIlliams finished as a top 10 RB, while D'Andre Swift finished as RB22. My first W.

Minnesota – Dalvin Cook will finish as the RB1 Overall in .5 PPR. - Dalvin finished as RB10. His lack of receiving work limited his ceiling.

Chicago – Cole Kmet will finish as a top 5 TE in .5 PPR. - Finished as TE7 after a very poor start. Close but no cigar.

San Francisco – Trey Lance will finish as a top 4 QB in 4 pt Pass TD formats. - Only played one full game. Interested to see where he plays next year.

Seattle – Both Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf will finish as top 24 WRs in .5 PPR. - Both Lockett and Metcalf finished top 18. Geno Earned himself a lot of money.

Arizona – DeAndre Hopkins will outscore Marquise Brown in total points. - Hollywood outscored Nuk by only 3 points despite playing 3 more games. Another close one.

LA Rams – Allen Robinson will outscore Cooper Kupp in all formats. - NEXT!

New England – Rhamondre Stevenson will finish as a top 20 RB in full PPR. - Rhamondre finished as RB& in Full PPR. He might be a top 36 pick in 2023.

Buffalo – Isaiah McKenzie will outscore Gabriel Davis in full PPR. - McKenzie finished as WR55, while Gabe was WR38.

NY Jets – Michael Carter will outscore Breece Hall in .5 PPR. - Got this on a technicality with Breece Hall tearing his ACL.

Miami – Raheem Mostert will outscore Chase Edmonds in .5 PPR. - Raheem Mostert took over as the main back, while Chase Edmonds was traded to Denver.

Jacksonville – Christian Kirk will finish as a top 12 WR in Full PPR. - Christian Kirk finished as WR11, sliencing all the critics of his contract.

Indianapolis – Michael Pittman will finish as a top 3 WR in .5 PPR. - Pittman finished as WR26. I was way off on this one.

Tennessee – Treylon Burks will finish as the #1 rookie WR in .5 PPR. - Injuries derailed his season, but I like his talent.

Houston – Dameon Pierce will finish as a top 12 RB in .5 PPR. - Was on pace before his injury. Love his future trajectory.

Cincinnati – Joe Burrow will finish outside the top 10 QBs in PPG. - Burrow finished as QB4. He is "him".

Pittsburgh – Mitch Trubisky will finish as a top 15 QB in PPG. - Only played 7 games. Kenny Pickett is their future.

Cleveland – David Njoku will finish as a top 7 TE in all formats. - Finished outside the to p12 in all formats. With a full season with Watson, I would make this prediction again.

Baltimore – Lamar Jackson will pass for 4,000 yards and rush for 1,000 yards. - Was way off the 4,000 yard mark, but would have suprassed the 1,000 yards rushing if he had stayed healthy.

Denver – Jerry Jeudy will outscore Courtland Sutton. - Jerry Jeudy outscored Sutton in all formats.

Kansas City – Clyde Edwards-Helaire will finish as a top 10 RB in full PPR. - Was on pace after 4 weeks, but fell all the way off then got hurt.

Las Vegas – Darren Waller will finish as the TE1 Overall. - Only played 9 games, but it wouldn't have mattered even with a full season.

LA Chargers – Gerald Everett will finish as a top 8 TE in .5 PPR. - Finished as TE14, but it was a down year for the entire Chargers receiving core.

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