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2019 Defense Road map

Defensive Matchup Cheatsheet
2019 Defense Roadmap

Matchups play a big part in fantasy football, especially when it comes to choosing which D/STs to start each week . History shows spending valuable draft capital on D/ST is not a smart move, so streaming is the obvious way to go. I feel its best to look at the season in sections, given the fact that there is so much year to year turnover for team defenses, it's dangerous to look too far ahead in the season. Here are a few teams I feel will get you off to a good start to the season if you are playing the D/ST streaming game.

Dallas Cowboys

Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch, Cowboys LBs

This might the be most obvious streaming option of the year. The Cowboys open up the season against the lowly Giants, followed by the two worst offenses of recent memory in the Redskins and the Dolphins. Best part of it all is that the Cowboys D/ST can be got with your last pick of the draft.

Buffalo Bills

Tre'Davius White, Bills CB

If somehow the Cowboys DST get snaked from you, the Buffalo Bills are a great fallback. They start off the season with the Jets, the lowly Giants, and the Bengals. Although it is not as juicy as the Dallas schedule, the Bills first opponents are not offensive juggernauts, and make the Bills a healthy streaming candidate.

Los Angeles Chargers

Joey Bosa, Chargers' DL

Derwin James injury aside, the Chargers Defense is still formidable. They got the ultimate blessing of Andrew Luck retiring out of the blue, as they play the Colts at home to open the season, followed by the Lions. You may need to find a fill in for week 3, as they play the Texans, but they bounce right back with the Dolphins and the Broncos is weeks 4 and 5, respectively. The only drawback is that Chargers will more than likely cost more than your last pick, but the trade off is they are a little more reliable than your typical streaming option.

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