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Draft Hustle’s Top 10 after 10 – Tight Ends

Anyone who has ever played fantasy football before can look at a draft queue and draft the first 4-5 round players and love their team, but the real draft starts after that. The key to winning fantasy titles isn’t chasing last year’s gems, but it’s finding this year’s gems. Here are Drafthustle’s top 10 players who you can find after round 10 who will guide you to fantasy glory in 2022.

Cole Kmet – TE, Chicago Bears

Current Underdog ADP: #133 Overall, TE13

As usual, the Tight End position in fantasy football is very top heavy. After the top 5 or so players, it’s basically a crapshoot on who will perform as a top 10 guy on a weekly basis. If I don’t take

one of the top 5 guys in the first 5 rounds, I love to wait until round 10 to take Cole Kmet. He is the projected to be the second most targeted player on the Bears, and he no longer has Jimmy Graham on the team to take reps away from him. Expect his 6 target per game average from 2021 to increase, as well as the 0 TDs.

Gerald Everett – TE, Los Angeles Chargers

Current Underdog ADP: #153 Overall, TE18

Drafting TEs from good offenses is generally a recipe for success in fantasy, which is why I love Gerald Everett this season. He is going from a run heavy offense in Seattle to the Pass-happy Los Angeles Chargers and should easily surpass the veteran Jared Cook in playing time. The weekly TD potential in that offense makes him a great TE2 on any roster, especially in bestball and TE-Premium formats. He is also a very cheap way to build a Chargers stack if you draft Justin Herbert and miss out on his top WRs.

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