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2019 Bestball Shares

We all know the best part of fantasy football season is the draft. Whether its an online draft or having your league-mates all meet up for a live draft, "Draft Day" is the arguably the most anticipated date of the fantasy season. Bestball drafts allow us to have the joys of the draft without being bogged down with weekly management of our teams. I, personally like to use bestball drafts, on sites such or BB10s or RTSports as mock drafts to prepare for the leagues I do manage. I find them more useful than the typical mock draft on the big sites. The fact that there is a little money on the line generally means you will get the best effort from the other participants, and the chance to win some cash back at the end of the regular season. I’ve don’t about 40 or so bestball drafts this off season and wanted to share the results of them with you all.


I tend to be on the side of the “Wait on QB” crowd when drafting. Numbers show that QB value is generally found outside of the top 8 rounds of a typical 12 team league. However, even I have to admit that the top tier QBs fall too far a lot of the time. If I don’t have a TE and Deshaun Watson or Aaron Rodgers fall to the 7th, chances are they will end up on my team, which is why Rodgers and Watson is my most owned QBs. I love Dak’s floor with Amari Cooper and his rushing. Pairing him with a more volatile option is the perfect strategy in best balls.


Before you say a word, let me explain! I have to shoot myself some bail here. To be fair, the majority of my now useless Lamar Miller shares were as an RB3. He was the ultimate floor play that was guaranteed to give you something in your RB slot each week. Kareem Hunt and Ronald Jones are the boom-or-bust late round RB plays that win bestball leagues yearly, so I don’t mind the quantity on them. I am much higher than most on Fournette. I see this as a make or break year with him and if he stays healthy, he will pay off in a big way.


Boom or bust WRs are the lifeblood of bestball leagues, and the later you can get them, the better. I started drafting in May, and up until late August Marquise Goodwin, was an autodraft in the 20th round for me. Same for Callaway prior to his 4-game suspension. I am big fan of stacking in bestballs to increase ceiling, which is why I have a few shares on Geronimo Allison and I paired him with Aaron Rodgers in most of those.


Onsie positions are best saved for drafting the later rounds in bestball leagues, which is why 4 of my 5 most owned TEs have ADP outside the first 10 rounds. Jordan Reed has a very realistic shot at leading the Redskins in receptions, given he plays 12+ games. Despite his finger injury, I am intrigued by the TD upside of Jimmy Graham. I also loved grabbing Waller as my TE2 whenever I grabbed one of the Big 6 TEs.


As I have written about previously, the Cowboys D/ST has a great early season schedule. They were almost always available as my second or third defense in the 18th of 19th round. When I felt like reaching, I loved taking the Vikings D/ST around the 15th. Denver’s D/ST hasn’t been getting much buzz, but I love their sack potential with the Miller/Chubb combo rushing the QB.

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