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Draft Hustle’s Top 10 after 10 – Quarterbacks

Anyone who has ever played fantasy football before can look at a draft queue and draft the first 4-5 round players and love their team, but the real draft starts after that. The key to winning fantasy titles isn’t chasing last year’s gems, but it’s finding this year’s gems. Here are Drafthustle’s top 10 players who you can find after round 10 who will guide you to fantasy glory in 2022.

Justin Fields – QB, Chicago Bears

Current Underdog ADP: #123 Overall, – QB16

Justin Fields is my favorite QB2 to draft this season. In Bestball and Superflex leagues, he is the perfect guy to pair with a guy you take in the QB10-15 range. He has the rushing ability to give you a solid weekly floor, and he is a better passer than he was able to show last season. Lastly, he is easily stackable with his only 2 fantasy relevant weapons, Darnell Mooney and Cole Kmet.

Daniel Jones – QB, New York Giants

Current Underdog ADP: #157 Overall, QB21

Daniel Jones flashed some fantasy upside as a rookie, but since then he has been held back by injuries and turnovers to go along with very questionable coaching hires. With the previous coaches gone and having arguably the best stable of weapons of his career, I am loving the value of Daniel Jones in 2022 drafts. He can easily be taken as a QB2 in round 14, and his weapons are being taken late enough to squeeze a stack in without reaching.

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