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Draft Hustle’s Top 10 after 10 – Runningbacks

Anyone who has ever played fantasy football before can look at a draft queue and draft the first 4-5 round players and love their team, but the real draft starts after that. The key to winning fantasy titles isn’t chasing last year’s gems, but it’s finding this year’s gems. Here are Drafthustle’s top 10 players who you can find after round 10 who will guide you to fantasy glory in 2022.

Nyheim Hines – RB, Indianapolis Colts

Current Underdog ADP: #139 Overall, RB44

Even with Jonathan Taylor as the consensus #1 overall pick, I love drafting Nyheim Hines this season. The Colts traded for Matt Ryan this off-season, and he isn’t exactly known for his mobility, meaning there will be plenty of dump offs to RBs and Nyheim Hines will benefit greatly from that. Whenever I am looking for a RB4 in the double digit rounds, Hines is on my radar, and he should be on yours as well.

Jamaal Williams– RB, Detroit Lions

Current Underdog ADP: #178 Overall, RB55

I expect the Lions to run the ball much better this season than last year, and Jamaal Williams will be a beneficiary of that along with D’Andre Swift. When he gets the chance to start, he has been serviceable, and Swift has missed games in each of his 2 first seasons. Best of all, he is being drafted in round 15, so he is basically free and makes for a good lottery ticket pick in all formats.

Raheem Mostert – RB, Miami Dolphins

Current Underdog ADP: #191 Overall, RB58

I was all in on Mostert last season, before he got injured n the 1st quarter of the first game last season. That was tough but I am back on him again this season. He was picked up by Miami, who also hired former 49ers “running game coordinator” Mike McDaniel as their head coach. Once he is healthy, I believe Mostert will be the running downs compliment to Chase Edmonds, getting the majority of redzone carries. Best of all, Mostert can be taken with your 2nd to last pick, which is much safer than the 7th round ADP he had prior to last season.

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