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DraftHustle 2020 Draft Manifesto: Running backs

Fantasy draft are starting to ramp up as we get closer to the start of the 2020 NFL season. Having done 50+ bestball drafts so far this season, I believe I have a pretty good idea on how I plan on drafting in my season long leagues, as well as what the good and bad values are for all of your favorite players. Over the next few days, I will be giving my overall strategy and other bits of advice on drafting the 4 Primary Fantasy Football positions in 2020. For more tools to help you during your draft, including, rankings, tiers, and Depth charts, be sure to check the Draft Hustle Season-long One Stop Shop here.

General Strategy

The Running back position has always been king in Fantasy Football, and 2020 is no different.The RB Position begins with Christian McCaffrey, who should be the #1 pick in every fantasy league, regardless of format.If you aren’t lucky enough to have the #1 pick in your snake draft, there are about 13 other RBs, I would feel comfortable having as my RB1, starting from my #2 Saquon Barkley through my #14 Josh Jacobs.That would cover the first 2 rounds of the draft.

The next 10 or so RBs consist of veteran RBs (Le’Veon Bell, Todd Gurley, etc..) who most fantasy analysts are trying to avoid, but I think they make great RB2s in the 4th/5th round.Rounds 7-9 is where I would like to take the non-CEH rookies, and the PPR guys like Cohen and James White as RB3s or flex candidates.Your bench should consist of RBs who have the opportunity to be starters in case of injury/Covid situations.That includes taking the “handcuffs” of RBs owned by the other owners in your league.Drafting your own handcuffs makes you feel cozy and secure on draft day, but it losing strategy in the long run, and we only like winning her at Drafthustle.

Zero RB

At its core, the “Zero RB” draft strategy attempts to take advantage of the fragility of the Running back position by taking the “safer” positions (WR & TE) in the high leverage rounds of your draft, and loading up on RBs late. It is a fun strategy given the right circumstances, and it not for the faint of heart. Even in a year of everyone drafting RBs early, Zero RB can work.

When partaking in Zero RB, you will want your starting RBs to be guys who either have temporary starting jobs (i.e Marlon Mack, Mark Ingram) or RBs who are in a timeshare with the potential to be workhorses (i.e. Kareem Hunt, Philip Lindsay). After snagging a few of those guys, I would target the handcuffs of the early bellcow backs and the lower end rookies. As stated before, this is not a cozy strategy and should only be attempted in Full PPR formats, but I believe is it still alive and well.

Check out rankings, tiers, auction values and more here.

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