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DraftHustle 2022 Draft Manifesto: Quarterbacks

Fantasy drafts are starting to ramp up as we get closer to the start of the 2022 NFL season. Having done over 200 bestball drafts so far this season, I believe I have a pretty good idea on how I plan on drafting in my season long leagues, as well as what the good and bad values are for all of your favorite players. Over the next few days, I will be giving my overall strategy and other bits of advice on drafting the 4 Primary Fantasy Football positions in 2022. For more tools to help you during your draft, including, rankings, tiers, and Depth charts, be sure to check the Draft Hustle Season-long One Stop Shop here.

General Thoughts

The Secret is out: Quarterbacks who run the ball are the Kings of Fantasy Football! There is a clear line drawn between the rushing QBs and the stationary QBs in most rankings as well as ADP. I have 8 of my Top 12 ranked QBs projected for at least 250 rushing yards. The floor that the running stats provides in fantasy football is invaluable, so I try to target a mobile QB In every draft. There used to be a couple mobile QBs available in the double-digit rounds who had top 10 upside, but the fantasy community has caught on and those guys are going higher than ever, so you might have to “reach” to get one of them.

Draft Strategy

My typical approach to drafting QBs is to wait until a guy I like drops 1-2 rounds below where I feel he should go. My 2 highest owned QBS so far are Lamar Jackson and Justin Fields, so you know I’m all about the mobile QBs. Lamar Jackson in the 5th round is a value I love in non-Superflex drafts, especially if I already have Mark Andrews and can complete an elite stack early. If Lamar goes before the 5th round, I will usually wait until round 8ish and take Dak Prescott, Tom Brady, or Russell Wilson, and I will usually favor whichever QB I can stack with a pass catcher I have already drafted. I will only draft one QB 95% of the time, with the only exception being in Bestball where will snatch Justin Fields in round 11 if he is there.

In Superflex leagues, my strategy completely changes, as it should in this format. I will typically take 2 QBs with my first 2 picks, mainly because I believe my ability to build a solid roster of skill position players is better than most. Drafting 2 early also leaves you wiggle room to snatch up a 3rd QB should a decent option fall down the draft board.

How many QBs can finish as QB1? - 8

Anyone in my rankings from Josh Allen to Russell Wilson can finish as QB1 this season. They all have the TD upside, elite pass catching targets, and/or rushing ability to knock Josh Allen of his thrown as back-to-back QB1 overall.

How Many QBs do I feel comfortable starting in week 1? - 17 and a possible.

Based on my current rankings, I can get all the to my QB 17 (Justin Fields) in drafts and feel good about starting them in at least week 1. The possible is my QB18, Trevor Lawrence, and that will depend how good he and the Jaguars offense looks during the preseason.

How many QBs do I feel I do NOT need to draft a backup for? -

14 and a possible

I can go as low in my rankings as QB14 (Derek Carr) and feel good about riding that guy for the entire season. Aaron Rodgers is TBD for that 15th option, and it depends on how that offense looks after losing Davante Adams and not really replacing him with a viable option.

Favorite tiers to draft from? - Tier 2 and Tier 4

My Tier 2 QBs are falling too far in drafts IMO, and I would take any one those 3 guys in round 5. At least one falls there in every draft, and I take them almost every time. If they aren’t there, I will wait till round 8 or 9 and get one of the tier 4 guys.

Breakout – Trey Lance

I feel like this will be a consensus pick. He’s in a QB friendly offense and has the rushing ability to finish as a top 5 QB this season.

Sleeper – Justin Fields

He played bad last season, which is causing him to slip to the double-digit rounds and I love the value on Fields. If he improves as most 2nd-year QBs do, he has top 10 potential with his rushing ability.

Bust – Joe Burrow

He is being drafted as if he can repeat his super high efficiency from last season, and I don’t think its possible. I will not own any Joe Burrow in managed leagues at his current ADP, and I am cool with that.

Check out rankings, tiers, auction values and more here!

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