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DraftHustle 2023 Fantasy Football Draft Manifesto: Quarterbacks

Fantasy drafts are starting to ramp up as we get closer to the start of the 2023 NFL season. Having done over 100 bestball drafts so far this season, I have a pretty good idea on how I will draft in my season long leagues, as well as what the good and bad values are for all your favorite players. Over the next few days, I will be giving my overall strategy and other bits of advice on drafting the 4 primary Fantasy Football positions in 2023. For more tools to help you during your draft, including, rankings, tiers, and Depth charts, be sure to check the Draft Hustle Season-long One Stop Shop here.

Draft Strategy

There was a clear line of demarcation between the top 3 QBs in 2022 (Jalen Hurts/Josh Allen/Patrick Mahomes) and the rest of the quarterbacks and drafts so far have reflected that. I have generally tended to wait on QBs, but this year is different. I have the top 3 ranked in top 24 players overall and would draft them all in round 2, depending on whether I want to stack them with their top pass catcher. If I pass on those guys After that, Lamar Jackson and Justin Fields are my favorite picks in rounds 4 & 5 respectively. Justin Herbert, my favorite bounce back QB, is a great pick in round 6, especially if I drafted one of his weapons in the 1st 5 rounds. I am lower on Joe Burrow than most, so he tends to be drafted ahead of where I prefer to take him.

If I don’t draft someone in the top 7, Anthony Richardson is my next target. His rushing ability gives him weekly top 5 upside. I will draft him as early as round 8, and pair him with a safer guy from the top of my QB2 range (Geno Smith/Kirk Cousins/Daniel Jones/Aaron Rodgers) a few rounds later.

In Superflex leagues, I am also drafting QBs much earlier than I have in years past. I will typically take 2 QBs with my first 3 picks because I believe my ability to build a solid roster of skill position players is better than most. Drafting 2 QBs early also leaves you wiggle room to snatch up a 3rd QB should a decent option fall down the draft board.

How Many QBs do I feel comfortable starting in week 1? - 16

Based on my current rankings, I can get all the to my QB16 (Aaron Rodgers) in drafts and feel good about starting them in at least week 1.

How many QBs do I NOT need to draft a backup for? - 14

I am comfortable with 14 of my top 15 QBs being the only QB I draft in non-Superflex leagues, with Anthony Richardson being the only exception.

Favorite tiers to draft from? - Tier 2

Lamar Jackson in round 4, Justin Fields in round 5, and Joe Burrow/Justin Herbert in round 6 are my preferred QB selections.

How many QBs can finish as QB1? - 8

My top 7 QBs along with Anthony Richardson.

BreakoutTua Tagovailoa

Health, both his and Terron Armstead’s, is the only thing that has me nervous about Tua this season. He has the weapons and the scheme to finish as a top 5 QB if he plays 17 games.

Lottery TicketAnthony Richardson

Fantasypros has Anthony Richardson’s ADP at QB16. If he plays 17 games, he will crush that easily.

BustTrevor Lawrence

Still can’t get Jiggy with his QB8 ADP in round 5. Too soon, bro.

Check out rankings, tiers, auction values and more here.

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