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DraftHustle 2023 Fantasy Football Draft Manifesto: Tight Ends

Fantasy drafts are starting to ramp up as we get closer to the start of the 2023 NFL season. Having done over 100 bestball drafts so far this season, I have a pretty good idea on how I will draft in my season long leagues, as well as what the good and bad values are for all your favorite players. Over the next few days, I will be giving my overall strategy and other bits of advice on drafting the 4 primary Fantasy Football positions in 2023. For more tools to help you during your draft, including, rankings, tiers, and Depth charts, be sure to check the Draft Hustle Season-long One Stop Shop here.

Draft Strategy

When it comes to Tight Ends in football, both on the field and in fantasy football, it’s Travis Kelce’s world and everyone else is just visiting. He has finished as the #1 TE in 4 of the last 5 seasons, and in the 5th season he was TE2. In 2022, Kelce outscored George Kittle who finished as TE2 by 90 points, and he outscored TE12 by 146 points in .5ppr formats. He scored at least twice as many points as every TE except the top 5 guys. He remains the top receiving option for the best QB in the league, and they lost their top WR form last year. Kelce is the most valuable player in fantasy football, and I will take him as early as #6 overall in any format.

If I am unable to draft Travis Kelce, I prefer to wait until the double-digit rounds and play the matchups with the Tight End position with a few exceptions. If I think I can grab Lamar Jackson in the 4th round, I will draft Mark Andrews in the 3rd round to make a Baltimore Ravens stack. Darren Waller and Kyle Pitts in round 7 have been popular picks for me in recent drafts. Other than that, I am looking to pair an upside guy with a safe option later in my drafts.

How many TEs do I NOT need to draft a backup for? - 11

My top 11 TEs are the only ones I feel I can draft without needing a backup on my bench.

Favorite tiers to draft from? - Tier 6

Excluding Travis Kelce, who is in Tier 1 by himself, grabbing 2 guys from Tier 6 is my favorite strategy right now.

How many TEs can finish as QB1? - 3

Travis Kelce and Mark Andrews are the only guys to finish as TE1 in the last 5 years. Kyle Pitts has the talent to do it, but his QB situation will be his biggest hurdle.

BreakoutKyle Pitts, ATL

The most physically gifted TE in the NFL is a lock for top 3 TE if he stays healthy.

Lottery TicketJake Ferguson

Dak Prescott loves throwing to the TE, and Jake Ferguson is a more athletic Dalton Schultz.

BustEvan Engram

The addition of Calvin Ridley in the Jaguars offense will prevent Evan Engram from having back-to-back top 5 TE seasons.

Check out rankings, tiers, auction values and more here.

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