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DraftHustle's Definitive 100% FoolProof No Doubt About It 2023 NFL Mock Draft!

The one thing we know about the NFL Draft is that no one knows anything about the NFL Draft! So here goes nothing!

The Panthers get their Franchise QB for the next 10+ years.

Houston Texans take the best defensive prospect in the draft in hopes of snagging their QB later on.

Cardinals take the 2nd best defensive player in the draft to rebuild their defensive front.

The Colts take the safest QB in the draft as he falls to 4th overall.

Seattle snatches up the Edge rusher with the highest projected upside in the draft.

Detroit Lions take the Illinois CB to replace the recently traded Jeff Okudah.

The Raiders need all kinds of help on defense, and grabbing an elite pass rusher is a start.

The Falcons continue to build their defense by taking the top CB on the board.

The Chicago Bears draft the best offensive tackle on the board to protect Justin Fields.

Philly continues their trend of building their depth in the trenches.

Tennessee starts the rebuild of their WR core by taking the best WR prospect of the draft.

The Texans' gamble of passing on QB at 2 pays off as they get class's highest upside QB.

Packers take the top TE prospect to help support their new starter Jordan Love.

Patriots sure up offensive line to help decide if Mac Jones is their QB of the future.

Jets take top O-Lineman on the board to help protect their new QB, Aaron Rodgers.

Not a big fan of Will Levis, but I refuse to believe they think Sam Howell is their guy.

Steelers take top CB on the board to replace Cam Sutton. #FamilyTies

Lions take a gamble (pun intended) on the most explosive WR in the draft.

Tampa Bay drafts an elite run blocker, which is what the Bucs will be doing a lot this season.

Seattle takes ball-hawking physical CB to bolster their secondary.

Chargers get another weapon for Justin Herbert to throw to.

Baltimore Ravens stay true to form and take a big physical CB to strengthen defense.

Vikings take big WR target to start opposite Justin Jefferson.

Jacksonville add a solid starter to help protect Trevor Lawrence and Jags ascending offense.

Giants draft versatile DB to adda playmaker to their mediocre defense.

Dallas Cowboys draft best RB prospect in last 5 years to pair with Tony Pollard.

Buffalo takes top interior defensive to help strengthen their run defense.

Bengals get yet another elite pass catching target for Joe Burrow to put up numbers with.

New Orleans grabs best CB on the board with elite playmaking ability.

Philadelphia forgoes taking a dynamic RB in Gibbs to continue to build D-Line depth.

Kansas City takes another shot at a dynamic Receiving back after CEH doesn't pan out.

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