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Fantasy BOLD Predictions Recap – 2019 Edition

I made one fantasy football bold prediction for every team before the season. Let's see how it turned out

Dallas – Dak Prescott will finish as a top 5 QB in PPG

Dak finished #2 in PPG. Nailed it!

Philadelphia – Zach Ertz will finish outside of the top 5 TEs

Zach Ertz ended up finishing 5th, so just missed this one.

Washington – Jordan Reed will finish as a top 6 TE in PPG

Ummmmm Yeah…….Next!

NY Giants – Saquon Barkley will finish out the Top 5 RBs

Injury and a slow start helped me on this one, although he made a strong push to end the season.

Atlanta – Calvin Ridley will outscore Julio Jones in non-PPR

Whatever chance this had went away when Calvin went on IR.

Carolina – Cam Newton will lead the league in Passing TDs

………Moving on………..

New Orleans – Drew Brees will finish out the top 15 QBs in PPG

Brees finished tied for 7th, thanks to two huges games to end the season.

Tampa Bay – Ronald Jones will rush for 1,000 yards

Ronald ended up with 724 Rush Yards, but did have 1k total. I will accept the L.

Green Bay – Marquez Valdez-Scantling will finish as a top 20 WR

After week 1, this looked promising, but it wasn’t even close, as he finished WR100.

Detroit – Kerryon Johnson will have 2,000 total yards

This was optimistic, but was far off, even without the injury.

Minnesota – Dalvin Cook will finish as the RB1 in PPG

Had a realistic shot as he finished tied for 2nd. CMC was unreal.

Chicago – Tarik Cohen will outscore David Montgomery in PPG

Only TDs saved Montgomery as he had 7 to Cohen’s 3.

San Francisco – Tevin Coleman will finish as a top 10 RB

This may have had a chance if not for injury………… and Coleman sucking.

Seattle – Tyler Lockett will finish as a top 8 WR

Lockett finished as WR 24, but there were flashes.

Arizona – Larry Fitzgerald will finish as a top 20 WR in PPR


LA Rams – Darrell Henderson will outscore Todd Gurley in PPR


New England – Sony Michel will outscore James White in PPR

Even with White missing a game, Sony couldn’t pull this off. Sad.

Buffalo – John Brown will finish as a top 24 WR

John Brown finished as WR 22, which was a steal given his ADP.

NY Jets – Jamison Crowder will outscore Robby Anderson in PPR PPG

In hindsight, this wasn’t that bold, but I will take it.

Miami – Albert Wilson will finish as a top 24 WR in PPR

Not sure why I didn’t say Devante Parker here. Oh Well.

Jacksonville – Leonard Fournette will finish as a top 5 RB.

Fournette ended up finishing 9th, thanks to only having 3 TDs.

Indianapolis – Jacoby Brissett will finish as a top 15 QB in PPG

Brissett finished 28th. Yikes.

Tennessee – Derrick Henry will have 50+ catches

Only 18 catches, but Henry ended up winning the rushing title.

Houston – Carlos Hyde will outscore Duke Johnson in non-PPR

Carlos Hyde ended up outscoring him in all formats. Duke sucks.

Cincinnati – Andy Dalton will finish as a top 12 QB in PPG

Dalton finished 21st in PPG. Benching and no AJ Green, didn’t help.

Pittsburgh – Donte Moncrief will score 15+ TDs

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……. Naw.

Cleveland – Jarvis Landry will outscore Odell Beckham in PPR

Landry was flat out better than Odell, outscoring him in all formats.

Baltimore – Lamar Jackson will finish as the QB1

BOOM BABY! Carried me to several fantasy titles as well.

Denver – Desean Hamilton will lead the team in Receiving yards

At least he finished second…………… by 900 yards. Whoops!

Kansas City – Sammy Watkins will outscore Tyreek Hill

After week 1, this was a LOCK. After week 1, the lock rusted and fell in the


Oakland – Derek Carr will finish as a top 10 QB in PPG

To be fair, this was made with the idea of him having Antonio Brown.

LA Chargers – Hunter Henry will lead all TEs in receiving TDs

Finished with only 5, thanks to injury and Rivers’ regressing majorly.

Overall, I got 7 right outta 32, which isn’t too bad. Enjoy the off season!

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