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Fantasy Wishlist for Every Team – AFC South

No NFL team is perfect, and every team can improve in some form or fashion. Here is my top want for every NFL team prior to the 2023 NFL Fantasy Season.

Houston TexansDon’t pass on Bryce Young!

Bryce Young has everything that makes a QB the perfect QB prospect except the height, but I don’t care. He has the accuracy, the pocket presence, the arm talent, and the “IT” factor to be a successful QB in this league, and he would be the perfect player to attempt to rebuild this Houston Texas’ team around. They also have plenty of picks from The Deshaun Watson deal to build around Bryce. Don’t screw it up this time, Houston!

Indianapolis ColtsTrade for Lamar Jackson

As of today, Lamar Jackson has officially requested a trade from the Baltimore Ravens. I still believe they will eventually come to an agreement, but if they do not, Indianapolis would be am intriguing spot for Lamar to end up. They have a great offensive line, a strong RB1, and a solid receiving core to go around him. The AFC South is currently the weakest division, so the Colts would instantly become a favorite to win it in 2023. Lamar Jackson’s speed on that turf 8 times a season would be an incredible site to see.

Jacksonville JaguarsBring back Leonard Fournette!

The Jaguars shocked the world by going from a team with the #1 overall pick in back to back seasons, to a playoff team. Trevor Lawrence took a leap forward that justified him being the #1 overall pick in 2021. The Jaguars shored up their WR core by trading for signing Christian Kirk and trading for Calvin Ridley. I would love to see them bring in a solid back to compliment Travis Etienne. Leonard Fournette would be my ideal choice as he is s bigger back who can take on the tough between the tackles work and keep Etienne fresh later in the season.

Tennessee TitansFree Derrick Henry!

The Titans seemed to regress a lot lats season due to poor play from Ryan Tannehill and subpar play from the offensive line. I still believe Derrick Henry has aa year or 2 left of elite RB1 production, but Tennessee is not the place to make it happen. If I could choose and ideal spot for him in 2023, it would be the Miami Dolphins. They have all the speed in the world at WR to keep safeties out of the box, leaving Derrick Henry free to bull doze through the AFC East. He would also be a great way to limit the drop backs and hits on Tua Tagovailoa.

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