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Fantasy Wishlist for Every Team – NFC South

No NFL team is perfect, and every team can improve in some form or fashion. Here is my top want for every NFL team prior to the 2023 NFL Fantasy Season.

Atlanta FalconsTrade for Lamar Jackson!

I’m Sure Desmond Ridder is a good dude, but Lamar Jackson deserves to be in a place where he will be wanted and utilized, and Atlanta is that place to me. Atlanta has committed to being a running team, and having the best running QB in the league will bulsster that entire offense. Drake London is a solid #1 WR ad Kyle Pitts will be Lamar’s new. More athletic Mark Andrews. Tyler Allgeier showed he can be a workhorse back in this league by rushing for 1,000 yards as a rookie. Pay Lamar or set him free, Baltimore!

New Orleans SaintsRemember Alvin Kamara can catch the ball!

With Derek Carr signing a 4-year deal in New Orleans, they have finally settled on their QB for at least the foreseeable future to solidify that passing game. For Derek Carr to live up to his potential the Saints must return to involving Kamara in the passing game. After having at least 81 catches in the last 4 season, he has topped out at 57 receptions in the last 2 years. Inevitable suspension aside. Alvin Kamara must get back to being a key piece in the Saints passing game to allow this Saints offense to thrive. I believe Kamara has at least 1 more top 5 fantasy RB season in him, and getting involved in the passing game is the key.

Carolina PanthersDraft Anthony Richardson and sign Jacoby Brissett!

Sam Darnold has gotten 2 chances to prove he is worthy of the top 3 draft pick that was used on him, and he has not delivered. The Panthers would be wise to move on, and there are a few decent options for them. My top option would be to draft their starter of the future. Anthony Richardson showed out at the NFL combine, and would be a nice fit for the Panthers, but would need a year to get ready for the NFL. Signing Jacoby Brissett as the 2023 starter to help mentor Richardson would be the best situation for all involved. Make it happen, Carolina!

Tampa Bay BuccaneersTrade for Aaron Rodgers!

The writing appears to be on the wall for Aaron Rodgers to not be the Green Packers starting QB in 2023. If that is the case, I would love to see him follow in Tom Brady’s footsteps to head on down to Florida and play with the Buccaneers. With the talent already in place in Tampa, Aaron Rodgers would fit in nicely in a relatively weak division. He may not return to his back-to-back MVP level of 2020 and 2021, but he has enough left in the tank to get back to top 10 fantasy QB level in 2023.

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