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Home League Draft Recap - Funky Foosball 2021

I am co-commissioner of my home league, Funky Foosball, going on its 9th year. Every year after the draft, I usually share my best and worst picks of each round in the group chat. This year, I will share my assessment with the world.

A few things to keep in mind as you look at the board with confusion. We use what I like to call S.W.A.T. (Snake With a Twist) draft style. It adds some excitement to the league as opposed to a boring snake draft. I put the each league member's name in one Crown Royal bag, the numbers 1-12 in another, and alternatively draw a name and number from each bag to determine initial draft order. This initial draft order is used to Round 1 and snakes back for round 2. Prior to the 3rd round, we redraw for order. This draft order is used for the 3rd round and snakes back for Round 4. Prior to the 5th round, we re-draw once more. This draft order is used for the 5th round and snakes back through the end of the draft, which is the order you see in the above draft board. The assessment for rounds 1-4 will not match what you see above as the order changed like I noted above. The league settings are as follows:

12 team Superflex

1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 1 Superflex, 1 DST, 5 Bench spots

.5 PPR for RB/WR, 1 PPR for TEs

Best Pick - Alvin Kamara (Pick 1.07) - Top 3 RB taken 7th overall is a steal, even in a Superflex league.

Worst Pick - Saquon Barkley (Pick 1.02) - This was a homer pick, and that's the only justification.

Round 2

Best Pick - Stefon Diggs (Pick 2.10) - Top 3 WR that late in the 2nd round is very sexy.

Worst Pick - Aaron Rodgers (Pick 2.04) - Aaron Rodgers going as the QB3 is a reach, unless he repeats last season. Unlikely.

Round 3

Best Pick - Jonathan Taylor (Pick 3.02) - Even with Superflex, Taylor shouldn't have fallen this far.

Worst Pick - Joe Mixon (Pick 3.01) - As my personal RB7, I'm higher on Mixon than most. I'll live with the results.

Round 4

Best Pick - Terry McLaurin (Pick 4.04) - Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't good at much, but he loves targeting his best weapon. McLaurin will thrive.

Worst Pick - Josh Jacobs (Pick 4.03) - Was drafted as the RB16, belongs more around the RB21-24 range. Reachy, reachy!

Round 5

Best Pick - James Robinson (Pick 5.08) - Getting the 2020 RB7 in the 5th round in the same situation with better weapons around him is highway-robbery.

Worst Pick - Ryan Tannehill/Joe Burrow (Picks 5.04 & 5.05) - Both were drafted as top 12 QBs with better options still available. No Bueno!

Round 6

Best Pick - Jalen Hurts (Pick 6.10) - Love my QB8 being drafted outside the top 12. Rushing ability gives him top 7 upside.

Worst Pick - Kareem Hunt (Pick 6.12) - Don't love him as an RB2, but not many other options in that range.

Round 7

Best Pick - Michael Thomas (Pick 7.05) - As this teams WR4, he can be stashed until he is healthy. Has top 5 WR upside late in the season.

Worst Pick - Baker Mayfield - (Pick 7.04) - Doesn't make much sense as a QB3. Would have rather went with one of the rookies who have way more upside.

Round 8

Best Pick - Gus Edwards (Pick 8.04) - This draft was done on the day Dobbins was injured. Mad at myself for not taking him.

Worst Pick - JK Dobbins (Pick 8.01) - For obvious reasons, even though the extent of the injury wasn't known at the time of the draft.

Round 9

Best Pick - Melvin Gordon (Pick 9.03) - From a roster construction standpoint, fits the Zero RB build of the team. Will need a starter if Javonte takes over later in the year.

Worst Pick - DeVante Parker (Pick 9.10) - With Will Fuller and Jaylen Waddle in town, Parker will be irrelevant in this offense come mid-season.

Round 10

Best Pick - Jaylen Waddle (Pick 10.08) - Will become Tua's top target sooner than later.

Worst Pick - LA Rams D/ST (Pick 10.03) - Way too early to take a defense is any league format, no matter how many bar fights Aaron Donald breaks up.

Round 11

Best Pick - Devin Singletary (Pick 11.02) - Best pass-catching back in a pass heavy offense in the double digit rounds. Solid Pick

Worst Pick - Derek Carr (Pick 11.05) - You can do worse than Carr as a QB2 in Superflex leagues. He's just not exciting.

Round 12

Best Pick - Corey Davis (Pick 12.10) - Jets' top WR in round 12. Love it.

Worst Pick - David Johnson (Pick 12.08) - Love the talent. Hate the situation. Wish he would have been cut and picked up by a better team.

Round 13

Best Pick - Marvin Jones (Pick 13.07) - Could be the Jags top WR, but being drafted the latest among the top 3. Love the value.

Worst Pick - Randall Cobb (Pick 13.11) - Not sure when he will ever be started. Would much rather more upside this late in the draft.

Round 14

Best Pick - James White (Pick 14.11) - Gets a boost with Mac Jones being named the starter. Nice plug-and-play option during bye weeks.

Worst Pick - Cam Newton/Deshaun Watson (Pick 14.10 & 14.05) - The odds of either taking a snap in 2021 is slim to none.

Round 15

Best Pick - A.J. Green (Pick 15.12) - Starting outside WR attached to a top 5 QB. Has the pedigree to sneak into the top 36 WRs.

Worst Pick - Larry Rountree (Pick 15.11) - 4th string RB who will likely be cut for a guy off waivers after week 1.

Round 16

Best Pick - Jakobi Meyers (Pick 16.07) - Patriots #1 WR in the 16th round. Excellent value in any PPR format.

Worst Pick - Taysom Hill (Pick 16.01) - With Jameis being declared the starter, Taysom only has value if Jameis is injured or he gets TE eligibility.

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