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Pump or Dump 2021 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Draft Season is here! Bestball Leagues are flowing! The NFL Preseason is upon us. Drafthustle is here to get you ready to dominate your drafts and get to the money and the trophies! This is part of a series I am titling "Pump, Stump and Dump". From each team, I will be choosing one player I am high on (Pump), and one player I am avoiding in fantasy drafts for the 2021 season (Dump). You can check out my rankings here!

PUMP – Marvin Jones, WR

NFFC ADP – WR53 (#133 Overall)

NDL Rank – WR41

Marvin Jones is arguably the most underdrafted player of the last few years, myself included. He finished as the WR19 in PPG in 2019 (14.95) and the WR30 in 202 (14.36), but he is being drafted as the WR53 in NFFC drafts so far this fantasy season. I currently have him ranked as the 2nd Jaguars WR as WR41, but he will almost certainly finish higher than that. He has had 4 Elite (Top 3) Fantasy games each of the past 2 years, so his weekly upside makes him a great flex and even a 3rd WR during bye weeks.

DUMP – Travis Etienne, RB

NFFC10 ADP – RB21 (#42 Overall)

NDL Rank – RB26

I fully expect Travis Etienne to have a sizable role in the Jaguars offense for multiple reasons. He was drafted in the first round, he was teammates with fellow first round pick Trevor Lawrence, and he is just a better prospect than James Robinson despite his outstanding rookie campaign in 2020. I am a fan of the talent, but not a fan of the draft capital you have to spend to get Etienne on your team. He is currently going in the 4t round of NFFC drafts, but I cannot pull myself to take a committee back for the Jaguars that early. If you just HAVE to draft a rookie RB, I would feel much better drafting Javonte Williams a round later, although I still don’t feel great about that value either.

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