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Pump or Dump 2021 – New England Patriots

Draft Season is here! Bestball Leagues are flowing! The NFL Preseason is upon us. DraftHustle is here to get you ready to dominate your drafts and get to the money and the trophies! This is part of a series I am titling "Pump, Stump and Dump". From each team, I will be choosing one player I am high on (Pump), and one player I am avoiding in fantasy drafts for the 2021 season (Dump). You can check out my rankings here!

PUMP – Cam Newton

NFFC ADP – QB32 (#231 Overall)

NDL Rank – QB19

Cam Newton was thrown into a terrible circumstance last season with New England. He was signed in July with no off season and no preseason. He also had no viable receiving options once Julian Edelman went down. He still was able score 12 rushing TDs to stay somewhat fantasy viable. In 2021, he gets a full healthy off season, and the Patriots attempted to get weapons for the offense. Cam is going as a QB3, but he can be drafted as a QB2 with upside as long as he holds on to the starting position.

DUMP – Damien Harris

NFFC10 ADP – RB33 (#85 Overall)

NDL Rank – RB35

Damien Harris has outplayed Sony Michel so far this off-season, and appears to be in line to be lead ball carrier for the Patriots. We should all, however, know better than to trust the Patriots RBs, especially those who don’t catch passes. Damien Harris would need to have Mac Jones take over the starting QB spot sooner rather than later in order to capitalize on his rushing TD upside, but I don’t anticipate that happening until the second half of the season.

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