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Pump or Dump 2021 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Draft Season is here! Bestball Leagues are flowing! The NFL Preseason is upon us. DraftHustle is here to get you ready to dominate your drafts and get to the money and the trophies! This is part of a series I am titling "Pump, Stump and Dump". From each team, I will be choosing one player I am high on (Pump), and one player I am avoiding in fantasy drafts for the 2021 season (Dump). You can check out my rankings here!

PUMP – Leonard Fournette, RB

NFFC ADP – RB37 (#98 Overall)

NDL Rank – RB25

Leonard Fournette started off the 2020 season as an afterthought who was cut by the worst team in the league. He ended the season having 100+ total yards in 3 of the Buccaneers’ 4 playoff games, including scoring a TD in the Super Bowl. He comes in the season as the most versatile RB in the Bucs backfield, as he is a better rusher than Gio and a much better receiver than Jones. He is currently being drafted in the 9th round, and makes a great RB3/Flex play just falling just outside the dreaded RB “Dead Zone”.

DUMP – Ronald Jones II, RB

NFFC10 ADP – RB34 (#88 Overall)

NDL Rank – 40

The Buccaneers have done everything possible to tell us they lack trust in Ronald Jones except for actually cutting him. Leonard is the superior rusher and Gio Bernard is the superior receiver, leaving Ronald Jones as the odd man out. There is no way he deserves to be the highest drafted Bucs RB outside of an injury. He is no more than a high end handcuff with no receiving upside.

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