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Pump or Dump 2022 – AFC WEST

Draft Season is here! Bestball Leagues are flowing! The NFL Preseason is upon us. Drafthustle is here to get you ready to dominate your drafts and get to the money and the trophies! This is part of a series I am titling "Pump, Stump and Dump". From each team, I will be choosing one player I am high on (Pump), and one player I am avoiding in fantasy drafts for the 2022 season (Dump). You can check out my rankings here!

Denver Broncos

PUMP – Jerry Jeudy, WR

Underdog ADP – WR20, #143 Overall

DH Rank – WR17

I feel like I am in the minority having Jerry Jeudy ranked ahead of Courtland Sutton, and I am OK with that. I liked him coming out of Alabama, but unfortunately injuries and bad QB play have hindered him. Russell Wilson will remedy that. His ability to work all areas of the field give him the edge to me (and hopefully Russell Wilson) in fantasy drafts this season.

DUMP – Melvin Gordon, RB

Underdog ADP – RB33, #105 Overall

DH Rank – RB40

I have been a fan of Melvin Gordon since he got drafted on scored 0 TDs in his rookie season. Sadly, I believe his fantasy relevance has come to an end. I believe Javonte Williams will emerge as a stud this season, putting Melvin Gordon on the back burner. No way he should be being drafted as an RB3 at this point. He belongs in the RB4/ upside-handcuff territory.

Kansas City Chiefs

PUMP – Juju Smith-Schuster, WR

Underdog ADP – WR27, #57 Overall

DH Rank – WR21

I am of the belief that the recent downfall of Juju Smith-Schuster has been due to the QB situation in Pittsburgh. That will no longer be an issue in Kansas City. Juju is the odds-on favorite to be the lead WR for the Chiefs following the trade of Tyreek Hill. We have seen his upside in his first 2 years in Pittsburgh (111/1426/7 in 208), and I believe he can reach 80% of that in KC which would make him more than worthy of being a WR2.

DUMP – Skyy Moore, WR

Underdog ADP – WR44, #92 Overall

DH Rank – WR48

The early bestball hype on Skyy Moore has died down, but he is still being drafted a tad bit too high for me. I understand the appeal of him being the Tyreek Hill replacement, but we thought that same thing about Mecole Hardman a few years ago, and it has yet to materialize. I can see Skyy Moore eventually being the Tyreek replacement, but not as a rookie. I would much rather have him as a high upside WR5 in my bestball leagues and enjoy the random spike weeks without having to predict them.

Las Vegas Raiders

PUMP – Josh Jacobs, RB

Underdog ADP – RB22, #62 Overall

DH Rank – RB17

The Josh Jacobs disrespect has been a thing for a few years, and it still baffles me. He has put up at least 1,200 total yards in his first three years in the league with a mediocre team, and now the Raiders look to be an above average team, especially on offense. I expect the TD opportunities to be there in bunches this season and grabbing him as an RB2 in the 6th round makes me giddy.

DUMP – Hunter Renfrow, WR

Underdog ADP – WR39, #80 Overall


Hunter Renfrow had an incredible year in 2021, but the signing of Davante Adams has all but crushed his fantasy value. Everything that Renfrow does, Davante does better, including getting along with Derek Carr who is his best friend. There isn’t a reality, dimension, or multiverse where Hunter Renfrow should be a 7th round draft pick, no matter the format. Pass, Pass, Pass!

Los Angeles Chargers

PUMP – Gerald Everett, TE

Underdog ADP – TE19, #163 Overall

DH Rank – TE16

Gerald Everett has been a sneaky favorite pick of mine in bestball leagues for a few seasons, and this year is no exception. I love that he is no attached to an elite QB in Justin Herbert which raises his TD scoring potential. The Chargers will be in plenty of shootouts in a very competitive division, so pairing Everett with another high end TE2 is a strategy I love employing.

DUMP – Mike Williams, WR

Underdog ADP – WR13, #28 Overall


I love the weekly upside Mike Williams brings, but not enough to draft him in the 3rd round. I believe the need to stack Mike Williams with Justin Herbert for the big bestball tourneys has driven is why his ADP is so high, particularly on Underdog. He is a much better value on other platforms, and I believe his ADP in season long leagues will be much more reasonable. I will wait to get my shares on Mike Williams. Give me the consistency of Keenan Allen all day over Mike Williams.


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