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RBs still Matter! Bijon Robinson is headed to the A!

Bijon Robinson, RB from the University of Texas, is taken by the Atlanta Falcons with the 8th pick in the 2023 NFL Draft

Fantasy Insight

Bijon Robinson going in the top 10 should quiet down all the "RBs shouldn't be drafted in the 1st round" foolishness for at least a year. Bijon is the best RB prospect we have seen in the last half decade, and he deserves the draft capital. Atlanta was arguably the best landing spot for Robinson, as he should be the starter by week 4 at the latest. His talent combined with his landing spot will have him as a top 10 RB in my fantasy rankings regardless of format. I won't argue with anyone ranking him as high as #2 behind Christian McCaffrey if so desired.

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